Michael WatkinsThis is what we are committed to, everyday. At Benefit Associates we work hard to give the best we have to and for our clients. In today’s volatile insurance climate you need someone who knows the insurance market, is easy to get in contact with and is going to be held accountable for their actions and advice.

At Benefit Associates our daily commitment is focused our customers, whether they are an executive purchasing high level Life Insurance coverage, an employer group with many employees or an individual who covers only their child. We will:

  • Put our customers interests ahead of our own
  • Give the customer our best effort, every time
  • Be creative in our thinking
  • Give our customers the best products available
  • Understand your situation and offer the best solution available
  • Stay educated on the changes taking place in our industry

  • Our approach to the insurance business has one goal in mind, that the end result of our working together puts you in a better position than when we first met.

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